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Commercial Roofing Stamford CT

No matter what commercial roofing services you need, Constitution Construction can help.

Commercial roofing contractors understand that commercial roofs experience unique loads and stresses than residential roofs. If you want your commercial roof to last, it is crucial to comprehend how these factors differ from those of a typical commercial rooftop.

Because commercial roofing systems must withstand much more wear and tear, they are usually constructed with more substantial materials than residential roofs. These materials may include synthetic membranes or similar substances.

Although we’re fully capable of servicing commercial customers, we’ve decided to focus exclusively on commercial roofing projects. The expertise required for each is different, so it’s crucial that when you select a company to take care of your commercial property, they understand every facet of commercial roofing.

If you need a reliable commercial roofing contractor, look no further than Constitution Construction. Our team is available 24/7 to provide fast and efficient service.

Commercial Roofing Services in Stamford CT

Our commercial roofers have the experience and skills to help you with your next project. From flat roofs to new construction, we specialize in various commercial roofing services.

From fixing leaks to restoring your roof, Constitution Commercial does it all. We specialize in EPDM flat roofs, TPO flattops or PVC flat roofs, built-up standing seams, metal roofing, and more. Get a free inspection today!


With precision and attention to detail, we will replace your roof using high-quality materials. Plus, we always clean up our mess afterward!


No matter how significant the damage is, our team can take care of any roofing repair you need. We’ll make sure your building’s roof is fully sealed and defended against any potential future problems.


Through regular roof inspections, you can prolong the lifespan of your roof. In order to save you money on future repairs, we will inspect your roof and send a written report that states any areas of improvement.


Schedule preventative maintenance with us to avoid incidents, and our team will make sure that your roof is in pristine condition.  

Do you need a new coat? We have many types of coats to choose from, including acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane.


Help protect your business from harsh weather by outfitting your commercial building with top-tier insulation. Not only does insulation help shield the inner workings of your business, but it also acts as a barrier for your roofing materials.

Quality Roofing Materials

At Constitution Construction, we specialize in creating custom roofs perfect for each client. We have been doing this work for over ten years now and have installed countless roofs during that time.

Our Clients Are Our Top Priority

  • EPDM
  • TPO – single-ply membrane
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR)
  • Standing Seam

What Sets us Apart from Other Roofing Contractors?

Why Constitution Construction?

We're proud to always meet and exceed your expectations with high-quality, efficient results and great customer service--guaranteed.


If we feel that your project requires another team of subcontractors, you can be certain that they will be selected for both their quality standards and ethical practices.


Based in Connecticut, our general contractor company offers trustworthy and reliable services with customer satisfaction being our top priority.


We provide excellent quality control on all of our projects, no matter the size or type. You can trust that our roofing contractors will get the job done right.

We will partner with you to achieve your roofing system goals for your commercial roof, no matter who you are or what they may be.

Looking for a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Stamford Connecticut? Look no further than Constitution Roofing. We’re ready to serve you, so give us a call or text today at (475) 265-5250.


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