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Commercial Roofing West Hartford CT

Constitution Construction - Our focus is what's overhead.

As a commercial roofing contractor, we know that the roofs of commercial buildings or commercial property are subject to different loads and stresses than residential roofs. In order to ensure the longevity and durability of your commercial roofing projects, it is important to understand the construction of a commercial roof and how it differs from a residential roof.

Commercial roofing systems are typically built with stronger materials as opposed to residential structures using synthetic membranes or like, in order to withstand the heavier loads and stresses that are placed on them.

While we could service residential customers, we choose to focus strictly on Commercial Roofing projects.  While the ultimate goal is the same, the skill set and application is different.  When you choose a firm to tend to your commercial facility, it is important that they possess a complete understanding of commercial roofing.

 Constitution Construction has highly trained commercial roofing contractors standing by. Fast, 24/7 Service is Available.


Commercial Roofing Services

Our knowledgeable commercial roofers are here to assist you with your commercial roofing project. Constitution Construction specializes in flat roof repair and provide a variety of commercial roofing services.

All forms of business roof repairs, including leaks, restoration, EPDM flat roofs, TPO flattops or PVC flat roof, built-up standing seams, metal roofing and more are covered by Constitution Commercial. Get a free inspection today!


We have expertise with multiple materials and application.   If your current roof requires complete strip down and a full roof replacement, this will be done correctly with the most dedication to precision.  Plus, we clean up our mess afterward.  


Your facility experiences plenty of different issues from the North Eastern Weather.   Weather can cause major damage or just the smallest leak.  In any event, the roof must be remedied and sealed, completely.   We have your back for any Roof Repair needs.


Roof inspections might help you get more years out of your roof.

We will thoroughly inspect your roof and issue a written report detailing any areas of concern, so you can avoid future costly repairs.


Schedule preventative maintenance with us. Our team will work closely in ensuring that your entire roof structure is well-maintained.  

Do you require a fresh coat?  We provide a wide range of coatings, including acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane.


Prepare for storms by letting us reinforce your commercial building with quality insulation. Properly installed insulation not only protects the interior mechanics of your business but protects the roofing materials that covers it.   

Quality Roofing Materials

We take great pride in specializing in creating custom roofs for our clients that perfectly suit their needs.  We have over a decade of quality workmanship and experience installing these popular types of roofs.

Our Clients Are Our Top Priority

  • EPDM
  • TPO – single ply membrane
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR)
  • Standing Seam
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Shingles
  • Metal Roofing


Why Constitution Construction?

We pride ourselves on efficient high quality results with excellent customer service that meet and exceed your expectations, guaranteed.


If an additional subcontractor team is warranted, rest assured that they will be carefully chosen for quality standards and vetted for ethical practices.


West Hartford CT is home to our construction company. We are a local general contractor you can trust and we ensure customer satisfaction.


We provide large quality assurances on our workmanship and materials on any project type. Our roofing contractors perform with structural integrity.

We will work with you to fulfill all of your objectives for your property’s roof, whether you are a building owner, architect, or property manager.

Constitution roofing contractors are ready to serve all of your commercial roofing in West Hartford CT. Call or text us today (475) 265-5250!


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