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Legrand - West Hartford, CT

Legrand's Wiremold Company reached out to Constitution Construction with extensive leak issues in one of their main West Hartford facilities in 2022. Constitution Construction installed a premium rubberized silicone roof coating system and provided extensive repairs to their existing SPF roof prior to the silicone roof coating. This silicone roof coating project was over 70,000 square feet and is expected to extend the life of their previously failing SPF roof by 3-5 years. Constitution Construction is Connecticut's premier roof coating company!

Town Fair Tire - Branford, CT

The Branford Town Fair Tire roof had numerous leaks, ponding water and significant drainage issues when Constitution Construction was brought onto the project in June 2022. We did a partial reroof for Town Fair Tire including demolition down to the roof deck, drain rebuild, and roof deck retrofit and repair work. A rubberized aluminum coating system was used on the back third of the roofing structure as an effective cost reduction solution to the project. Constitution made every effort to reduce impact on store operations throughout the project to include before business hours demolition and daily site cleanup. 

The final product includes a fully-adhered 60 mil Firestone RubberGard EPDM system and two layers of 2.6” Firestone ISOGARD GL. All materials were installed to manufacturer specifications, satisfying Connecticut building codes. Another commercial roofing project completed!

"The crew was timely, professional and, above all, courteous to our needs to stay open during construction" -Brian Cowell, Branford Town Fair Tire store manager

Alta Equipment Company - Berlin, CT

In 2022, our spray foam insulation team completed an insulation project for Alta Equipment Company. Constitution Construction installed open and closed-cell spray foam insulation to provide the most cost-effective solution to meet the clients goals. Constitution Construction is Connecticut's expert spray foam insulation contractor!

Capstone Logistics - Meriden, CT

In 2022, our construction team completed several commercial tenant improvements for Capstone Logistics newest warehouse location in Meriden, CT. This included demolition, masonry, and carpentry work to help the Capstone Logistics team get their space ready for and improve operations. Constitution Construction is your one-stop commercial construction solution!

Greene Law, P.C. - Farmington, CT

In 2022, our construction team completed an extensive office renovation for Greene Law. This project included mold remediation, sheetrock repair and replacement, new conference room, new kitchenette, new carpeting, new entry sidewalk, new LED lighting upgrade throughout, data cabling and IT configuration, and painting in the approximately 4500 sq ft office expansion. Constitution Construction is excited for Greene Law's office expansion into their newly renovated space. Look no further for your commercial renovation experts!

Phoenix Tax Investments LLC - Hartford, CT

This commercial building built in the late 1890s had significant leaks and ponding issues before Constitution Construction was brought onto the project in July 2022. The client needed a fast, effective, and economical solution to give their roof a longer life. The final product includes slope building to help drainage issues, permanent roof repair sealant application, and finally a rubberized silicone roof coating. With our commercial roof products and roof coating expertise, the roofing issues were solved!

Sarjac Partners, LLC - Farmington, CT

In 2022, our team renovated an existing auditorium to meet the needs of a new commercial tenant. Extensive demolition, framing, drywall, painting, and carpet installation was needed for this commercial buildout. With a tight timeline, Constitution Construction was able to go from site visit to project completion in less than 1 month!

Stratus Equities - Hartford, CT

In 2022, Stratus Equities reached out to Constitution Construction for our building code expertise. Our team of expert estimators and project managers found a solution that not only met the needs of the building owner while complying with the City of Hartford's building department requirements, the solution was also the most cost-effective. Constitution Construction installed a fire rated drop ceiling and managed the permitting and code compliance requirements throughout the process. Constitution Construction is here to help!

Wesco - Orange, CT

Wesco's property management company Noontide reached out to Constitution Construction for several warehouse renovations in 2022. Constitution Construction repaired 3 bathrooms and renovated a hallway to give the warehouse area a new look. Constitution Construction is your #1 commercial renovation company!

Arnold Supply, Inc. - Wallingford, CT

Arnold Supply, Inc. called Constitution for a quick job at their Wallingford manufacturing facility in July 2022. They had five outdated awnings in need of a facelift. We removed the awnings and installed three new aluminum awning systems.

Arnold Supply has a new look thanks to our team and their speedy work. Always a pleasure to work with a local business!

Sarjac Partners, LLC - Newington, CT

In 2022, Sarjac Partners needed a commercial tenant fit up before a lease renewal so they called Constitution Construction. Our team replaced the existing carpet with carpet tile, installed a closet, removed an outdated kitchenette, painted, and lastly installed a wall-mounted room divider or partition. Our team is here to help collaborate with commercial landlords and commercial tenants to reach a solution for their project.

Phoenix Tax Investments LLC - Hartford, CT

Phoenix Tax Investments LLC had a commercial roof with significant EPDM damage in August 2022. Our team was there within a day to patch this major EPDM tear and assured that their roof was watertight.

Phoenix Tax Investments LLC was pleased with our timely, professional work and continues to be a preferred Constitution customer!

Sarjac Partners, LLC - West Hartford, CT

In 2022, Constitution Construction was called out for a roof leak. Our team identified installation issues from the original roof installer. Constitution Construction was able to get the materials onsite and the leaks repaired in 2 days. Every seam had to be repaired on the roof and all roof penetrations were reinforced. Constitution Construction is your on-call commercial and apartment roof repair team!

Barbour Gardens - Hartford, CT

In 2020 Barbour Gardens turned to Constitution Construction to have a Moisture Survey performed by a Hartford County Approved Testing Laboratory of their multi-family apartment complex in Hartford, Connecticut. The 20-year-old, 24,678 square-feet, 25-feet-high JP Stevens’ roof was at the end of its service life, and temporary fixes were made over time including many patches. However, the roofing system was at risk of eventual failure that could potentially shut down the building. Following the moisture survey, ARI determined there was extensive water damage to the insulation and that it would need to be removed and replaced and then a new roof membrane installed.

The 14-person crew from Constitution began work on the complex utilizing a 45 mil FiberTite-SM Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) single-ply roofing membrane with perimeter and corner enhancements to meet enhanced uplift pressures. The old membrane was removed and new membrane installed over the existing insulation where it was not wet. In the wet areas, the insulation and cover boards were removed and replaced before the installation of the new membrane. Through excellent planning, communication and execution between Barbour Gardens, the City of Hartford Inspectors, and Constitution the project was completed on time and on budget without safety issues.

Hellman’s Distribution Facility - Derby, CT

Constitution Construction was in the process of installing spray polyurethane foam insulation throughout the interiors of a commercial facility in Derby, Connecticut. After applying 80,000 square feet of two-inch spray foam insulation with a DC 315 thermal barrier to the facility, the owner and occupier, who had been contemplating a major roof retrofit, decided on spray polyurethane foam as the replacement system. The owner selected spray foam over EPDM or TPO because they preferred a seamless, monolithic roofing system for its durability, insulating qualities and performance. Constitution selected Lapolla FOAM-LOK 2800-4G, manufactured by Icynene-Lapolla, for the project. The high-performance, closed-cell system provides both waterproofing and thermal insulation to the facility, creating a seamless membrane with high R value and resistance to wind conditions. The material is notable for being the very first spray foam roofing system brought to market with a blowing agent based on HFO technology.

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